Wing and hollow is comprised of Haven and Jill Lamoureux, an indie-folk duo joined in heart and song. Haven’s roving guitar play accompanies Jill’s soulful vocals to create an eerie and haunting atmosphere. The band’s inspiration stems from their love for folk and rock of the 60’s and 70’s.


The duo's first EP “Frozen Trees,” is a melancholy love letter to those influences. The album walks the icy byroads of lost love, dreams deferred and isolationism and it turns onto the springtime main street of spiritual rebirth. It captivates and consoles, elevates and emboldens.


Wing and hollow is based out of Los Angeles. They have just released their new EP "North Of Nowhere" In this recording, wing and hollow explores a bolder, larger sound that highlights the duo's musical growth over the past year.


Written by Matt Costello